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Hiring a Locksmith to Help Protect Your Paperwork

Keeping a copy of all your important paperwork safe in one place is a great way to ensure that you have access to things like proofs of purchases, insurance policies, and even wills. But keeping paperwork in a desk drawer or under the bed is not the safest plan – what if a fire breaks out or someone infiltrates your home and steals all the important stuff? Consider hiring a locksmith to install a fireproof floor safe in a closet of your home or in the basement where all of your important paperwork and investments can be kept. You’ll have instant access to it all when you need it, and it will be safe from theft and destruction when you don’t. You might be surprised at how many ways a locksmith can help keep your property at home safe. Explore the pages here for more information!


Hiring a Locksmith to Help Protect Your Paperwork

Should You Re-Key Or Replace Your Locks?

by Manuel Carmona

Just as your home requires regular maintenance in order to keep it up, your locks should be part of that maintenance plan. You don't have to change your locks as often as you clean your blinds, but there are certain times when maintenance on the locks is advisable. Not every situation calls for a complete change in locks though. Sometimes, re-keying them is all you need in order to get the job done. In fact, re-keying your locks can be more cost efficient than replacing them altogether. It is important to understand when you need to replace your locks and when you need to re-key them. Here are scenarios for both:

Old Locks

Locks can give out over time and not work properly making your house an open invitation for thieves. In an effort to keep your home safe, you need to have old locks replaced. It can be very tough finding the necessary parts for older locks. Re-keying your locks can be difficult for some technicians when the parts are not readily available. Plus, it can be difficult to even make adjustments as the lock ages. By replacing your locks with new, modern locks, you can ensure that your home is safe. 


When one spouse moves out of the home, many times they will take their key with them. Instead of arguing with them to get it back, you can have the locks re-keyed so that their key no longer works in the existing locks. The perk behind this is that it is not only cheaper to have the locks re-keyed over being replaced, but it can salvage perfectly good locks that don't need replacing. 

Latchkey Kids

It is not uncommon to give your kids a set of keys to get into the home. Because kids can sometimes be careless, you want to be sure you have the locks maintained every so often to avoid having the set of keys in the wrong hands. This can call for a re-keying of the locks so that the locks remain safeguarded. During the re-keying, the internal lock tumbler is reconfigured so that the old key cannot unlock the door any longer. Instead, it has a whole new combination that goes with a new key. 


Even when a thief has broken into your home without using a main door, your security goes down the drain. The now have access to much of your personal information including extra keys that you had in your home. To avoid a repeat of the break-in, you want to be sure that you have your locks replaced. You also want to keep any extra keys in a password protected lock box so no one can get them without permission. 

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